Diabetech® Introduces the GlucoMON™ Wireless Device and the World's First Automated Wireless Glu

An excerpt rom the original article:

"TOP 10 REASONS WHY PEOPLE WANT A GlucoMON (as told to us by our pre-registered subscribers):

  1. I want to know my child's blood sugar test results while they are at (school, day care, grandma's, etc...) without always having to depend on a phone call.

  2. I want to know when other people forget to test my child's blood sugar according to my pre-defined schedule or instructions.

  3. I want an easier way to track my newly diagnosed diabetes patients, those going up on insulin pump therapy, and those high risk patients that seem to constantly task my staff and resources.

  4. I'm concerned about my grandmother/elder living alone or in assisted living conditions. This would give me insight into her health and adherence to the prescribed testing.

  5. We as parents need to find a better way to oversee our teenager's testing habits and their self-management. This gives us a way to monitor without having to confront him/her at the door every day and ask to see the meter...it's already posted on the log or alerted to my cell phone.

  6. I want a better way to discuss my child's control with a few of the other parents in my online network. Diabetech's Community Plots allow us to share our data with trusted friends and improves the effectiveness of the discussion.

  7. With our son/daughter heading off to college, this is a scary and anxious time. Having the ability to remotely monitor his/her testing and to periodically access the online charts will make me feel better #1, and #2, will help us to discuss/understand/see the changes they want to make to their regimen.

  8. As a school nurse, I need a better way to communicate with parents of my Type 1 kids. It's not always convenient to stop everything and try to find the parent at home, on their cellular or wherever they might be...just to notify them of a normal blood sugar result.

  9. As a Certified Diabetes Educator, I spend a lot of time working with people to understand their disease and to recommend changes to improve their control. Getting timely feedback in an efficient format regarding the results of those changes will help me to improve the quality of the care I provide and increase my productivity.

  10. Having an HbA1c is nice. However, it only provides me half the story. Adding Diabetech's glucose logs to the picture, I can really understand my level of control and how wild my swings are vs. just knowing some historical average. Having this done automatically is realistically the only accurate and reliable way over the long haul."

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