"The Bitter Side of Sugar™"

Among other projects and commitments, I've committed myself today to writing an inspiring and educational book for people with type 2 diabetes or on their way to that diagnosis.


I'll be using my blog to shape the outline and to find my voice for this follow up to "Sugar Surfing™ - How to manage type 1 diabetes in a modern world".

The book draws on my experience working first hand with thousands of patients with type 2 diabetes since my first type 2 oriented technology trial in 2006. I was approached by BellSouth Corporation (now AT&T) to help them address the high cost of diabetes. Being a communications and technology company, they knew there were innovative approaches but their health insurers weren't interested. My team even beat out a spinoff from Kaiser Permanente based on my innovative designs which focused on peer support, influencers and behavior change. Everyone else was and still are too focused on using technology to create charts and graphs based on numbers.

I was also one of the first people to use a continuous glucose monitor even though I don't have diabetes myself. That experience was an eye opener back in 2005 or so. My sedentary lifestyle had caught up with me and it showed in protracted elevated glucose as well as severe lows - my system was out of whack. Some aggressive lifestyle changes and my next wear 6 months down the road showed a non-diabetic blood sugar profile. I was fortunate to have tried out that CGM but I only did it to show her how easy and painless it was.

Anyway, the more I read about type 2 diabetes the more I seem to talk out loud about how the author is off base, wrong or totally misunderstands how to best help those with type 2 diabetes. I know it's a book that is needed and I'm looking forward to organizing my thoughts over the coming months.

Sugar Surfing took Steve Ponder and I about 2 years to publish. With that experience behind me I'm guessing this is a 9 month effort.

If you have ideas about what's missing in the literature and would like to share that with me here I am happy to consider it as I create the outline. Please come back often as I intend to make frequent posts as I make the sausage that will become:



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