A Digital Health Success Story

Read up on how remote blood glucose monitoring is continuing to find its place in a modern version of healthcare. Diabetech (the company I founded in 2002) licensed the EasySHARE technology to Healthimo Limited. I spent a couple of years helping the UK licensee to establish the relationship with the NHS, primarily in the North West of England.


From the article:

"Driving forward and supporting the spread of innovative products and systems is a key element of the network’s remit. The North West Coast AHSN has now collaborated with, or supported, a number of healthcare technology companies. The roll out of technology, which improves the efficiency of our systems and the quality of care being offered to people, is vital to increasing the effectiveness of healthcare services and ensuring the very best care possible.”The North West Coast AHSN supported the roll out of a pilot project for EasySHARE - a remote-monitoring system for people with diabetes who are due to undergo major surgery. The project was introduced at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital, earlier this year.

The EasySHARE innovation has been developed by Healthimo Limited, based in Warrington and the system is now starting to be implemented at the Trust.

EasySHARE has already supported thousands of patients, predominantly in pregnancy and paediatrics, across the region. The EasySHARE modem is located in each patient’s home and transmits blood glucose readings to clinicians every day. This simple assistive innovation is not reliant upon any other technology, internet, phone line etc and is easy to use, safe and effective. Clinicians receive accurate readings in real time, which greatly enhances both patient safety and the patient experience. Further development work with EasySHARE is also being proposed to support patients following major surgery."

I'm very excited as my new team begins development of the next generation remote monitoring technology; smaller, easier to use, lower cost and more effective.

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