Self - Coming Soon!

We submitted our new mobile app to Apple today for review and hopefully a speedy approval. Here's a copy of the chronological summary screen showing how a person rated a few of their most recent days.

Here's the description of self as we hope to see published on the iTunes store:

We all know who we want to be on our best day. Sometimes life gets in the way.

self - the easiest and most efficient way to being the most you can be.

self - the most comprehensive personal assessment app on the mobile web.

self - helps you by making it fast and easy to track everything that matters to you on your journey toward being the best version of you possible.

self - allows you to score yourself in relation to what was possible - according to your own criteria.

Designed with your privacy in mind, self rolls up everything that matters into a SINGLE daily entry.

The key is to keeping things simple.

Once you've picked your time of day, all that's needed is for you to 1) open the notification and 2) score your day:

- Do I feel like I rocked my world today?

5 stars. Rocked it!

- Did I decide to take the day off and be a couch potato?

Maybe that's what I needed that day so... 3 stars.

- Were my choices today really out of line with who I know I am?

Maybe that's only 1 star... or 2.

Over time, self identifies trends and patterns for you that help you achieve your definition of success during life's journey.

Optional features:

- write a note

- add a photo

- view past entries

- look at recent trends

This app was designed by a behavioral scientist in cooperation with a financial analyst. More than 15 years have been invested in developing the concepts included in self. Future enhancements are planned that give you even more without requiring any additional time on your part.

Welcome to the app that helps you to 'be all I can be'

...with the least amount of effort.

Be sure to subscribe to this site if you would like to receive an invitation to try it out for free as soon as it's available. We're hoping this will occur within the next 2 to 3 weeks but that depends entirely on Apple now.

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