Fran Dramis

Former CIO BellSouth

Board Member on Several Innovative Health Co's

“There’s a time when all the money and all the technology in the world doesn’t make as much difference as the passion. It gets you through the time when the world isn’t moving as fast as you want it to move. Kevin has that.”

Stephen W. Ponder, MD


Co-author Sugar Surfing™

"Kevin McMahon gets the day to day care of diabetes and on so many different cognitive and behavioral levels. He has the diabetes trouble-shooting and problem-solving skills of a Master Endocrinologist honed by years helping others with day to day diabetes management experience."

Scott Hanselman

Diabetes Tech Pioneer

Program Manager Fortune 50 Tech Company

"Kevin is a visionary in the diabetes technology industry and he and his company's activities are already changing lives for the better. As pervasive wireless becomes a reality and the promise of continuous glucose measurement is on the verge of viability, Kevin will no doubt be there pushing the envelope even further."